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Career Services

The road to right answers starts with asking the right questions. After learning your hopes and
desires, we begin a three-step process of assessments, interpretation and consultation.



After years of investigating numerous testing programs for use with his own employees in their
personal and professional development, ClearPath Careers founder Drew Trotman discovered
the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB), which is considered the gold standard in online tools for
assessing abilities. This user-friendly assessment can be completed in three hours at your
convenience in your own home; we recommend dividing it into several smaller blocks of time to keep
the mind fresh and focused.

To add another important dimension, our clients also take the Strong Interest Inventory® 
Assessment offered by CPP, Inc., which matches your responses with work environments you are
likely to find most rewarding.


Raw data alone will not provide all of the information you need to prepare for your future. That’s why
we take your test results and carefully evaluate them, adding our years of expertise and practical
wisdom to transform findings into a personalized action plan. We refine your occupational options to
those that best fit you and point you to resources that give you insight into the salary ranges and
current market demand for job profiles that interest you.

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