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ClearPath Beginnings:

High school graduation looms on the horizon. A job layoff takes you by surprise. Your years on the parent track come to an end as your children head to college. What do I do now? you wonder. Maybe you just logged another 50-hour work week with the gnawing feeling that there has to be something else, another job where you can make a difference. Am I headed in the right direction? you ask.


We’ve asked these questions ourselves and daily encounter people who lack clarity and confidence about how or where to take the next step on their career journey. It can take years of trial and error in job selection to find work that is both satisfying and meaningful. We established ClearPath Careers to help take the guesswork out of your career decisions. We are not about quick, easy answers. We are about equipping you with resources you can use to guide you for the rest of your life. Using the Highlands Ability Battery, which is based on more than 75 years of research and has been used for more than 20 years to help thousands of people like you, we provide you with a clear picture of your own natural abilities and how those translate into vocational choices. Specifically, ClearPath will reveal:

  • How you solve problems

  • Whether you are a concrete or an abstract thinker

  • What work environment you will most likely enjoy 

  • Career choices unique to your specialized abilities, including auditory, creative and visual abilities 

  • Your primary styles of learning and communicating


Then in a whole-person process that includes consultation and, when requested, continued accountability, we help you take stock of your skills, interests, education, values and goals to help get you on the clear path to a bright future. 

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