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In addition to being the most comprehensive and best evaluative online tool available today, the Highlands Ability Battery provides better information at a lower cost than its competitors. Its 19 worksamples or tasks provide an in-depth look at your hard-wired abilities as part of their Whole Person Process. 

To learn more about Highlands, visit www.highlandsco.com.

To view samples of the reports you will receive after taking the student assessment, visit the following links: 


To view samples of the reports you will receive after taking the adult assessment, visit the following links: 

We pair the Highlands Ability Battery with the Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment offered by CPP, Inc. which matches your responses with the work environments you may find most rewarding. This evaluation offers the unique trait of interfacing with statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor to provide a current snapshot of the job market. Additional information can be found at www.cpp.com/strong.
Strong Interest Inventory®
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