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" ... worth every penny."
I can’t thank you enough for helping me understand how God wired me. My time with you was productive, beneficial and worth every penny. I better understand how to describe and present myself to prospective employers. The things we discussed also explain why I’ve loved or hated some of the jobs I’ve done. ... I’m going to work through everything and start designing my ideal position.

Kendall Joseph
Nashville, TN
We are grateful to the people who have used our services and want to share their experiences. All of these testimonials are from actual people who have used the services of ClearPath Careers. For those who are currently in a job search or have asked to remain anonymous for personal reasons, we have respectfully changed their identities.
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Prior to going through ClearPath Careers’ program, I had taken all different types of personalities tests from the DISC profile to the Myers Briggs. Although these were beneficial to learning more about myself and getting a baseline understanding of the "type" of person that I am, these severely lacked on helping me understand "how" I am or operate on a daily basis. The Highlands test that one would complete coupled with the counseling through Drew’s process digs deeper into “how” your brain processes and operates as well as what types of environments stimulate those processes.  Knowing this has opened tremendous doors both personally and professionally. Going into an interview I knew what specific questions to ask related to work environment, expectations, as well as resources that would be available to me. Before this I would just ask the typical questions regarding pay, opportunity to grow, or benefits.

Rusty Goodsell, Executive Advisor
Guidant Partners 
" ... opened tremendous doors both personally and professionally."
"We recommend this process and ClearPath Careers to all parents and to all teenagers."
Our 17-year-old son was looking ahead to college and was not sure of his learning styles or skills and talents. The ClearPath team guided him through the tests and then spent a long afternoon with him explaining all the results. To our surprise, our son said he thought the process was fascinating and that he learned a lot about himself. We benefited greatly as parents from the experience. We have watched our son implement some of what he learned as he studies for school and talks about his future. ... We recommend this process and ClearPath Careers to all parents and to all teenagers.

Parents of a high school student
Nashville, TN
​My experience with Drew and ClearPath Careers has been great. Going into it I had become leery of working with career counselors, but Drew changed my mind. His earnest and infectious enthusiasm helped me rethink my approach to my career search and dive back into it with a new found excitement. Additionally, Drew provided me with contacts who have been of great benefit as I begin the next chapter of my career. I don’t believe I would be nearly as excited as I am about my future prospects had I not been put in touch with Drew.

Russell Ries Jr.
Co-founder Xplor Corps LLC - Creators of BreathalEyes
The Highlands test results were very specific, identifying my personal abilities and connecting them with occupations offering the highest opportunities for success. More importantly Highlands was even more specific recognizing vocational areas in conflict with my particular aptitudes offering the lowest chance of success. Drew’s proficiency interpreting the test results along with his ability to apply them to my personal goals made the process a success and actually quite enjoyable.

Robert W. Batson
Executive Director
Tennessee Funeral Directors Association
" ... helped me rethink my approach to my career search."

" ... a success ... ."
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(615) 620-6211
I was skeptical about the value of the types of services offered by ClearPath and others. After having completed the course, however, I am a believer. … Other aptitude tests I've taken have felt too susceptible to my will; that is, I have been able to answer open-ended, vague questions about myself in a way that allows me to manipulate the outcome of the test. The ClearPath method, on the other hand, offers timed, skill-based testing that yields inarguable truth about my performance.

As for the consulting, I would describe the experience as personalized, inviting, encouraging, and compassionate. … I never felt like I was just another number on their client list; Susan was willing to communicate with me following the original meeting to make sure I was on track. She gave me several achievable goals (all tailored to my particular set of strengths) for the days and weeks following the meeting, and she respectfully and professionally reminded me to keep things moving.

… Following the Clearpath experience, I secured a job within an organization where I'm engaged in work that I love and where my role energizes me and draws the very best of who I am to the surface. I very well may have found my way here without Clearpath, but I am convinced that the work I did with Susan expedited the process and made the journey far more enjoyable and meaningful. 

Alex Florez
Nashville, TN
"I am a believer." 
"...helped me identify assets and opportunities that I might not otherwise have considered, ..."
I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Susan Trotman at ClearPath. I was contemplating a transition back into the workforce after several years as a stay-at-home mother, and I was uncertain about how best to begin my search or define my strengths, interests and goals during that process. Susan’s guidance, insight, experience and exuberance, both before and after the actual Highlands testing process, were invaluable to me. She helped me identify assets and opportunities that I might not otherwise have considered, and she continues to provide support, advocacy, feedback and creative ideas as I work my way toward my next vocation. I highly recommend Susan’s services for anyone who is in a transition phase and needs assistance in identifying goals, zeroing in on their gifts, and planning for their future!
Denise Sesler
Nashville, Tennessee